Sunninghill, Berkshire, England

Sunninghill High Street

The Berystede Hotel

The Berystede Hotel is reputedly haunted by the ghost of Eliza Kleininger - a French maid to the Standish family that owned the hotel. According to Playfair, Eliza was killed in a fire that swept the hotel on 27th October 1886. Her charred remains were found at the foot of the servants staircase.


This is the area in which the apparition has been sighted.


Pictured left is the Berystede Hotel courtesy of David960.

The Berystede Hotel,

Bagshot Road,


Berkshire, SL5 9JH.


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For further information, please read The Haunted Pub Guide by Guy Lyon Playfair and Haunted Berkshire by Roger Long.


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Sunninghill is a village in Berkshire, England.

It is situated just outside Ascot, and about 7 miles from Windsor.

Pictured is Sunninghill High Street courtesy of HenrikKbh.