The Great British Ghost Tour Guide - Part 1

Your guide to the phenomena found throughout the country

Great Britain is unique in that it has a huge wealth of fascinating historical accounts - but these have often lead to an equally intriguing collection of ghostly stories, which feature just as prominently in our culture. This web site is not intended to pass judgement on these reports, but merely to entertain and inform you the reader. You are, however, welcome to contact with us and share your accounts and thoughts.

The appearance of any animal ghost, including phantom horses mounted by a spectral rider, and black dogs such as the infamous ‘Black Shuck’. However, there are cases of spectral cats, cows, pigs and other animals found across the British Isles.

This denotes a site of purported buried treasure associated with it. However, if you do find any when looking - please remember where you found the information and share it!

The visual appearance of a ghost or ghosts of a person at the location, such as Anne Boleyn at Hampton Court or Roman Soldiers marching through the area of Darley Mill in Derby. The account will detail the number of apparitions reportedly seen at the location.

A haunted house or building which is reportedly the scene of multiple types of effects such as visual, auditory, tactile and kinetic phenomena, such as Borely Rectory or Caerphilly Castle. The entry will list the reported phenomena.

The site of a legend. These may involve the fairy folk, giants, dragons, mermaids, werewolves, vampires or other mythical creatures and the stories that have passed into folklore, i.e. The Arthurian Legend.

A mysterious place. These can include holy sites, wishing wells, standing stones or sacred places, such as Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

A phantom vehicle. Ghostly vehicles are reported from all over the United Kingdom, and these have included trains, the iconic spectral coach and horses, cars, ships and even a London Bus!

A report of a poltergeist. This phenomena is different from a haunting in that it is said to be linked to a living person rather than a malevolent spirit. Phenomena may include smashing objects, strange noises and inexplicable interactions with the environment that affect electricity or water.

Strange customs or festivals seem to be a popular part of British Culture, so sites where these take place have been included.

Places of witchcraft, sorcery and curses hold a unique fascination, so watch out for places marked with this symbol.

The appearance of a Death Omen, where the death of a person is fortold by the appearance of an apparition or sign. These portents can also be in the form of birds or animals.