The Great British Ghost Tour Guide - Part 2

Your guide to the Phenomena Effects Checklist

Following on from the types of phenomena in Part One, the Guide provides you with an at-a-glance look at how the phenomena is experienced. This are termed as "Effects" and address which of your senses are duly effected. Here are the icons that will help you on your journey of discovery:

Audible Phenomena: Any type of phenomena that are heard - these will include typical phenomena such as footsteps, doors opening and closing away from view, voices and vehicular noises.

Unusual Feelings: The sensation of being watched or being overcome by emotions.

Kinetic Phenomena: The movement of objects, such as ornaments, windows or doors.

Olfactory Phenomena: Unaccountable smells, ranging from the pleasant aroma of flowers to the unpleasant smell of decay and rotting flesh.

Tactile Phenomena: Any sensation of being touched or the experience of changes in temperature.

Taste Phenomena: The experience of sampling something in the mouth without anything being there. An unusual and rare occurrence.

Visual Phenomena: Any type of apparition seen by a witness - these will be far ranging and include those of a human likeness, to animals, vehicles, buildings to other inanimate objects and mists or shadowy forms.