The Great British Ghost Tour Guide - Part 3

Your guide to the Resources Checklist

Following on from the phenomena and effects, Part 3 of the Guide provides you with an at-a-glance look at what further resources are available to you. Here are the icons that will help you on your journey of discovery:

Further Reading: A must for any serious investigator: reading and researching published material. Read any book where the account appears. Title, Author and ISBN Number are provided where available.

Historical Background: Any histrorical information or background to the site that may be of relevance or interest.

Interviews Conducted: Any case where we have actually interviewed the witness or witnesses involved in the case.

Location: We will provide a OS Map Reference, Grid Co-ordination, address or postcode if possible.

Televised Case: Any instance where the location has featured on television. Details of the program will be provided.

Web Address: Any website that may provide more information, relevance or interest.