About Kudize

A Passion for the Creative Media Industry

Dylan Jones, following his retirement from the police service on the grounds of permanent disability, founded Kudize in February 2013.

Here, he explains all about it.

I have always been a creative individual, although after 17 years in the police service I did begin to think every ounce of that creativity was knocked out of me with the regimented discipline instilled by the nature of the profession.


Thankfully, that is not so. After deciding to retire, I wanted to combine my interests in the media with my desire to recapture my creativity. Consequently, I founded Kudize.


The word "Kudize" is unusual and often prompts questions. The word "Kudos" is derived from it. I want what I produce to have a real quality to it. Kudize is a Media Company that delivers across a number of areas including:


Radio Production,

Radio Stations,

TV Production,

Web Design,

Print Production,

Specialist Media Security.


For more information, please feel welcome to contact me to discuss what Kudize Media can offer for you or visit the website at www.kudize.co.uk.


I look forward to hearing from you.