Dozmary Pool, Cornwall, England

Dozmary Pool

Ghosts and Legends of the Pool

Dozmary Pool is steeped in the Legend of King Arthur, for it is here that here that King Arthur rowed out to the Lady of the Lake and received the sword Excalibur, and later Sir Bedivere is purported to have thrown the most famous of swords back into its depths as Arthur lay dying after the Battle of Camlann.


The spectre of the “wicked” Tregeagle is said to haunt the lake, for he is condemned to empty it using only a limpet shell. His tormented howls are said to carry across the barren landscape.


For further information, please read Haunted Britain by Antony D. Hippisley Coxe and Haunted Britain and Ireland by Richard Jones.


Visitor Information

Dozmary Pool is a small lake, in the civil parish of Altarnun on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, England.

It is situated about 9.3 miles northeast of Bodmin and 1.2 miles south of Bolventor. It originated in the post-glacial period.

Pictured left is a view of Dozmary Pool courtesy of Roger Geach. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.