Bridge and Bridge Without, City of London, England

St. Magnus the Martyr

St. Magnus the Martyr

St Magnus the Martyr, London Bridge is a Church of England church located in Lower Thames Street near The Monument to the Great Fire of London. It is part of the Diocese of London and under the pastoral care of the Bishop of London and the Bishop of Fulham. It is a Grade I listed building.


The Church is allegedly haunted by a mysterious figure described as wearing ‘cowl and cassock’ and is believed to be either a former priest or Miles Coverdale (Bishop of Exeter) who is buried here.


Pictured left is St. Magnus the Martyr Church courtesy of Northcote Lea.

St Magnus the Martyr,

Lower Thames Street,




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For further information, please read Haunted Britain by Antony D. Hippisley Coxe.


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Bridge and Bridge Without (also known as Bridge) is a small ward in the City of London and is named from its closeness to London Bridge.

It is bounded by the River Thames to the south; Swan Lane and Gracechurch Street to the west; Fenchurch Street to the north; and Rood Lane and Lovat Lane to the east.

Pictured left is St. Magnus the Martyr courtesy of Richard Croft. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.