Greater London, England

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Greater London is the top-level administrative division of England covering London, created in 1965 and spanning the City of London and the 32 London boroughs. It covers 607 square miles and has an estimated population of 7,753,600.

Greater London is bounded by the home counties of Essex and Hertfordshire in the East of England, and of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Kent in South East England.

Places to Visit (bracket indicates number in map)

Kensington and Chelsea (3)

Kingston upon Thames (16)

Lambeth (6)

Lewisham (21)

Merton (17)

Newham (27)

Redbridge (26)

Richmond (15)

Southwark (7)

Sutton (18)

Tower Hamlets (8)

Waltham Forest (28)

Wandsworth (5)


Haunted Hotspots in London

Highgate Cemetery

Reported phenomena include a sinister apparition with glowing red eyes; a "fearsome creature that seemed to glide from the wall of the cemetery"; a phantom cyclist; a tall man wearing a top hat; a "mad old woman" with long grey hair; and a shrouded figure.

Audible phenomena includes the sounds of bells ringing and voices talking.

Oh, and there's a Vampire as well!


Other Haunted Hotspots include:

50 Berkeley Square

The Tower of London