Highgate Cemetery, Greater London, England

Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery is designated Grade I on the Historic England Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England. It is divided into two parts, named the East and West cemetery. There are approximately 170,000 people buried in around 53,000 graves. Highgate Cemetery is notable both for some of the people buried there, and these include George Eliot, Karl Marx, Henry Gray, Michael Faraday, Christina Rossetti and Douglas Adams to name but a few. However, the cemetery is also noted for its haunted reputation.


Reported phenomena include a sinister apparition with glowing red eyes; a "fearsome creature that seemed to glide from the wall of the cemetery"; a phantom cyclist; a tall man wearing a top hat; a "mad old woman" with long grey hair; and a shrouded figure. Audible phenomena includes the sounds of bells ringing and voices talking. Oh, and there's a Vampire as well!


The Highgate Vampire story originated in late 1969 and its hysteria continued throughout the 1970's. This supernatural creature has created a stir in the media and online, with many articles written about it in that time.

Highgate Cemetery,

Swain’s Lane,


N6 6PJ.


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For further information, please read Haunted Britain and Ireland by Richard Jones.


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Highgate Cemetery is a place of burial in north London, England.

The cemetery is in the London Boroughs of Camden, Haringey and Islington. The nearest transport link is Archway tube station.

Pictured left is Highgate Cemetery courtesy of Panyd. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.