Ewerby, Lincolnshire, England

Haverholme Priory

Haverholme Priory

Haverholme Priory was constructed in 1137, and the Gilbertine order sent nuns and brothers from Sempringham to inhabit the new buildings of what was to be a double monastery. Henry VIII dissolved the Priory in 1538 and it had various owners for the next two and a half centuries, and was rebuilt in 1830. The present ruin is a Grade II listed building and designated Ancient Monument.


The Priory is reputedly haunted by the sounds of footsteps.



53.030800°N 0.34930122°W.


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For further information, please read Britain's Haunted Heritage by J A Brooks.


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Ewerby is a village in Lincolnshire, England.

It lies 3 miles northeast from Sleaford and 2 miles south from Anwick.

Pictured left is Haverholme Priory courtesy of Steve Tapster. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.