Edlingham, Northumberland, England

Edlingham Castle

Edlingham Castle

Edlingham Castle dates mainly from the 14th century, although a manor house of the 13th century is probably concealed beneath the later building. The earliest standing remains are those of the hall house, built about in 1300 by Sir William Felton.


The Castle is linked to the trial of one Margaret Stothard - "The Witch of Edlingham". In 1683, brothers John and Jacob Mills (who resided at the castle) testified that Stothard made allegations that Stothard was a witch. However, the case was thrown out.


Edlingham Castle is reputedly haunted. Witnesses have reported "strange lights" floating in the ruins after dark, footsteps, and clothing being pulled.


Pictured left is a view of Edlingham Castle courtesy of Alison Rawson.




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Edlingham is a small village in Northumberland, England.

The road to Alnwick passes close by the village and the town of Rothbury is approximately 6 miles away.

Pictured left is a view of Edlingham Castle courtesy of Tagishsimon. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.