Muchelney, Somerset, England

Muchelney Abbey

Muchelney Abbey

Muchelney Abbey was once a landmark in the Somerset Levels. It was once a wealthy Benedictine house and the second oldest religious foundation in Somerset, but as part of the dissolution the abbey’s principal buildings were demolished by Henry VIII in 1538.


The abbey was the setting for a local legend concerning a young man who fell in love with the daughter of a wealthy knight. Unfortunately, the father did not approve and would not allow their marriage. The distraught young man became a monk, then prior of Muchelney. Whilst there, he once again met his love, who had become a nun. They decided to elope, but their plans were overheard. He was sent to another monastery, she was walled up alive. It is rumoured her remains are yet to be discovered.




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Muchelney is a village in Somerset, England.

It is situated is 1 mile south of Huish and Langport and 4 miles southwest of Somerton.

Pictured left is Muchelney Abbey courtesy of Val Ghose. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.