Westbury, Wiltshire, England

The Westbury White Horse

The Westbury White Horse

The Westbury White Horse (pictured above) is located on the edge of Bratton Downs and lying just below an Iron Age hill fort, approximately 1.6 miles east of Westbury. It is the oldest of a number of white horses carved in Wiltshire. In 1778, it was restored but it was an action, which may have obliterated a previous horse that had occupied the same hillside. A contemporary engraving of the 1760’s appears to show a horse facing in the opposite direction, and also rather smaller than the present figure.


For further information, please read Haunted Britain by Antony D. Hippisley Coxe.


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Westbury is a town in Wiltshire, England.

Westbury is located in the far west of Wiltshire, close to the border with Somerset. It lies at the northwestern edge of Salisbury Plain, approximately 5 miles south of the county town of Trowbridge and 4.5 miles north of the garrison town of Warminster.

Pictured left is Westbury White Horse courtesy of P Smith. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.