St. Michan's Church, Dublin, Ireland

St. Michan's Church

St. Michan's Church

The first Christian chapel on this site dates from 1095, and operated as a Catholic church until the Reformation. The current church dates from 1686, and has served Church of Ireland parishioners in Dublin for more than 300 years.


The vaults of St. Michan's uniquely contain many mummified remains, including the 400-year-old body of a nun, a six-and-a-half foot man popularly believed to have been a crusader, a body with its feet and right hand severed, and the Sheares brothers—Henry and John—who took part in the 1798 rebellion. The various holders of the title Earl of Leitrim were also interred here.


The vaults are naturally creepy in their own right, but some have claimed that they have experienced unusual phenomena whilst inside. These include strange whispering voices and icey fingers touching them.

St. Michan’s Church,

Church Street,

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St. Michan's Church is a Protestant church of the Anglican Communion.

It is located in Church Street, Dublin.

Pictured is St. Michan's Church courtesy of Andreas F. Borchert. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.