Coolderry, Offaly, Ireland

Leap Castle

Leap Castle

Leap Castle (pronounced “Lep”) was constructed sometime between the 13th and late 15th century by the O'Bannon clan. It was originally called Léim Uí Bhanáin, or Leap of the O'Bannons. It has become known as one of the most haunted castles in Ireland.


It is claimed that a great deal of bloodshed took place at the castle during its history, and following a fire in 1922 there were three cartloads of human bones recovered from the dungeons. The castle is reputedly haunted by a lady in red; some sort of elemental creature described as "the size of a sheep. Thin, gaunt and shadowy... with the smell of a decomposing corpse"; a light that eminates from the Bloody Chapel, feelings of evil at certain places and cold spots.



53.103°N 8.775°W.


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Due to its reputation, the castle has featured on ABC Family's Scariest Places on Earth, Living TV's Most Haunted, The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) from Syfy's Ghost Hunters, and Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures.


For further information, please read Haunted Britain and Ireland by Richard Jones and Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland by Richard Jones.


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Coolderry (Irish: Cúl Doire) is a small roadside village in County Offaly, Ireland.

It is located 5 miles north of Roscrea and 7 miles south of Birr.

Pictured is Leap Castle courtesy of Jerzy Strzelecki. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.