Dingwall, Highlands, Scotland

Tulloch Castle

Tulloch Castle

Tulloch Castle likely dates to the mid 16th century, when Duncan Bane (Bain, Bayne) was granted the barony of Tulloch in 1542. However, it has been suggested that it may have origins as far back at the mid-12th century.


During World War 2 it served as a hospital. Tulloch Castle is now as a hotel.


It is reputedly haunted by the ghost of one Elizabeth Davidson, known as the Green Lady who frequents parts of the castle but particularly Room 8. Other phenomena reported in the room are temperature drops and knocking on the door.



Pictured above is Tulloch Castle courtesy of Elliott Simpson.

Tulloch Castle Hotel,

Tulloch Castle Drive,


IV15 9ND.


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Dingwall is a town in the Highlands, Scotland.

It lies near the head of the Cromarty Firth where the valley of the Peffery unites with the alluvial lands at the mouth of the Conon, 14 miles northwest of Inverness.

Pictured is Tulloch Castle courtesy of Peter Moore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.