Pitlochry, Perth and Kinross, Scotland

Pass of Killiecrankie

Pass of Killiecrankie

Three miles north of Pitlochry by the A9 road lies the Pass of Killiecrankie. This is a mountain pass between Ben Vrackie and Tenandry Hill on the River Garry. The Battle of Killiecrankie was fought here between Highland Scottish clans supporting King James II and VII and troops supporting King William of Orange on 27 July 1689, during the first Jacobite uprising.


The site of the bloody battle is allegedly haunted. Witnesses have reported a "dull red glow" that bathes the area each 27th July. Other visual phenomena include apparitions of troops marching, or even lying dead on the ground. The sounds of musket fire have been reported.


Pictured left is the Pass of Killiecrankie courtesy of Gordon McKinlay.



56.753°N 3.796°W.


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Pitlochry is a burgh in Perth and Kinross, Scotland.

It lies on the River Tummel.

Pictured is the Pass of Killiecrankie courtesy of Vinckie. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.