Fintry, Stirling, Scotland

A view of Fintry

Culcreuch Castle

Culcreuch Castle was built in 1296 by Maurice Galbraith and was the clan seat of Clan Galbraith from 1320 to 1624, when it was sold to a cousin to settle a financial debt. In 1632, it was purchased by Robert Napier, a younger son of John Napier, the 8th Laird of Merchiston. The Napier family held the estate for five generations. The castle was used to garrison Oliver Cromwell’s troops in 1654. In 2007, it became a hotel.


It is allegedly haunted. Phenomena include a spectral boars head on a silver salver hurtling around the battlements which then falls to the ground below; a human-sized cold "grey mass" in the corridors and the sound of phantom harp music.


Pictured above is Culcreuch Castle courtesy of Richard Webb.

Culcreuch Castle Hotel,

Kippen Road,


G63 0LW.


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For further information, please read Haunted Britain and Ireland by Richard Jones.


Visitor Information

Fintry is a small village in Stirling, Scotland.

It lies 19 miles north of Glasgow.

Pictured is a view of Fintry courtesy of Richard Webb. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.