Llangynwyd, Bridgend, Wales

A view of Llangynwyd

Phil o’r Capel

During the 1800’s, the spirit of Phil o’r Capel pestered a young girl because he was angry at the lack of care he had received from her whilst on his deathbed. He criticised the lack of water he received in his final hours, so he continually ensured that she was covered in water and wet through for days!

Hafod Farm

In centuries past, the servant was upset by the regular appearance of an apparition at Hafod farm. He eventually plucked up enough courage to speak to it, and when he did the apparition informed of the whereabouts of “a crock of gold”.


He was given a present by the generous spirit, and used it to build a row of houses.

Llangynwyd Castle

A ghost purportedly guarded a quantity of hidden treasure here. However, details of the apparition are lacking. The castle was once regarded as an important outpost of the Lordship of Glamorgan in the uplands, but it was vulnerable to Welsh attack.


By 1262, it had sustained a great deal of damage, which was compounded when it was stormed again around 1306. All that remains is a large, roughly circular mound surrounded by deep ditch on all but one side, and some masonry.

St. Cynwyd's Church

The church was said to be haunted by the ghosts that would appear and foretell of all those that were to die in the forthcoming year.

Gelli Siriol Farm

A ghost haunted this farm at nighttime, but when someone fetched down a basket that been stored on a high shelf, the Visitation ceased.

The Village

The apparition of a white horse haunted the village, although there are no details available as to the reasons why.

Ydfa Mansion

The mansion, of which only ruin remains, was reportedly haunted by the Maid of Ydfa, and the legends surrounding here is an interesting one, but best read by consulting Richard Holland's Haunted Wales: A Survey of Welsh Ghostlore. In 1893, another author wrote the house was available for rent, but nobody would live in it due to the alleged haunting. However, other sources state that the legend was merely a work of fiction.


Visitor Information

Llangynwyd is a village in Bridgend, Wales.

It is situated 2 miles south of Maesteg.

It was part of the mediaeval commote (Welsh: cwmwd meaning a secular division of land in mediaeval Wales) of Tir Iarll. It has quite a few ghostly accounts to its credit.

Pictured is a view of Llangynwyd village courtesy of David Lewis. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.