Abercarn, Caerphilly, Wales

High Street, Abercarn


“Master Pisca” reputedly haunted an old farm called Trwyn located on the hills that overlook Abercarn during the 1700’s. The haunting exhibited some poltergeist-like phenomena, including knocking on doors. Then it was said to have taken up home in the oven, and would talk to people. It eventually left, and when asked where it was going, it replied, “Where God pleases”. Master Pisca has been likened to the character of Shakespeare’s Puck, or an “obvious link” with piskies and pixies from Devon and Cornwall.

The George Public House

The George Public House was used as one of the makeshift mortuaries following the Abercarn Colliery Disaster on 11th September 1878. An underground explosion killed 268 miners, making it the worst colliery disaster recorded in Gwent, and since that time it is said that there have been unusual occurrences including strange noises in the pub.


Visitor Information

Abercarn is a small town and community in Caerphilly county borough, Wales.

It is located 10 miles northwest of Newport on the A467 between Cwmcarn and Newbridge, within the historic boundaries of Monmouthshire.

Pictured is High Street in Abercarn courtesy of Roger Cornfoot. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.