Bedwas, Caerphilly, Wales

Church Street, Bedwas

Clwyd yr Helygan

Clwyd yr Helygan was an alehouse that had a sinister reputation in the 1700’s. A witness reported something unworldly emerging from it as he approached on horseback. His horse stopped and drew backwards as a “living thing round like a bowl, rolling from the right to the left… altering in size” came towards him. He could also see that it was a reddish tone with a “mixture of ash colour”. The traveller challenged it in the name of the Lord, and the thing vanished beneath the earth.

The Odd Figure

A schoolmaster named Henry Williams Hugh had an encounter with what he described as a “somewhat odd figure” that was next to a holly tree and a stile somewhere in Bedwas. It firstly appeared in the shape of a man, but then divided into two separate male forms and then vanished in what he called a “pillar of fire”.


Visitor Information

Bedwas is a town two miles northeast of Caerphilly, south Wales, situated in the Caerphilly county borough, within the historic boundaries of Monmouthshire.

Bedwas neighbours Trethomas, Graig-y-Rhacca and Machen, and forms a council ward in conjunction with those communities.

Pictured is Church Street in Bedwas courtesy of Robin Drayton. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.