Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Kidwelly Castle

Ffynnon Fair

In a field called Arvell Meade, some 300 yards north of Kidwelly Castle and surrounded by a stone circle, there is a well that is named Ffynnon Fair. Legend states that this is where the Virgin Mary was murdered. Apparently, she came by ship to visit a place where Christ had visited as a young man. The spot where she died is where the spring arose. According to local tradition, the descendants of the murderer have never succeeded in any enterprise to which they have put their hand.


NB We do not advise drinking from any of these sources.

Pistyll Teilo

There is a second well in the village called Pistyll Teilo, where tradition states that one could “get a draught fairer than wine” for the stream had special powers of healing over the ailments.


NB We do not advise drinking from any of these sources.


It is also claimed that a ghost haunts this area and it cries pitifully, so much so that locals used to avoid the area after dark.


At Pont-y-Gwendraeth, the ghost of a White Lady has been reported. The figure is a victim of a love affair that ended tragically, so she threw herself from the bridge. This bridge was known locally as the “Ghost Bridge”. The legend recounts how Nest, the beautiful daughter of one Elvidir Ddu, then in possession of Kidwelly Castle, fell in love with a young Norman knight. After complications with rival lovers, the young knight met the lady at the bridge, but was ambushed by a hired ruffian, shot by a long arrow, and hurled into the stream before the eyes of his sweetheart. She threw herself in after him.

Kidwelly Castle

The castle is said to be haunted by a headless ghost - that of Gwenllian. The Normans, following a battle at the castle, beheaded her, causing her restless spirit to wander the area in typical ghostly fashion - minus her head! He ghost was seen on the heights of Mynydd-y-Garreg in a field called Maes Gwenllian. She was described as wearing a grey robe with a hood over her head. However, witnessed who have got close enough state that there was no head beneath the hood!

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Visitor Information

Kidwelly (Welsh: Cydweli) is a town and community in Carmarthenshire, west Wales, approximately 10 miles northwest of the main town of Llanelli.

It lies on the River Gwendraeth above Carmarthen Bay. The monk, Nennius, writing in the 9th century, records the earliest written form of the name, ‘Cetgueli’.

Pictured is the approach to Kidwelly Castle courtesy of Rose and Trev Clough. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.