Ciliau Aeron, Ceredigion, Wales

Crossroads at Ciliau Aeron


Llanerchaeron (also known as "Llanayron House" to its nineteenth-century occupants) is a grade I listed mansion, situated on the River Aeron. It was designed and built by John Nash in 1795. The estate is now in the care of the National Trust and is open to the public.


Since the property opened to the public, witnesses that have included staff and members of the public, have reported a range of activity.


Phenomena include the sensation of being watched, footsteps, objects moving of their own accord and doors slamming shut. Visual effects include something fleeting in the corner of witnesses peripheral vision and apparitions.


Apparitions include a a figure standing in the Inner Hall.


Pictured left is Llanacheron House courtesy of William M. Connolley.

Ciliau Aeron,

near Aberaeron,


SA48 8DG.


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For further information, please read Ghosts: Mysterious Tales from the National Trust by Sian Evans.


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Ciliau Aeron (English: where the valley of the river Aeron narrows) is a small village in Ceredigion, Wales.

It lies 4 miles from Aberaeron.

Pictured is the crossroads at Ciliau Aeron courtesy of Carol Rose. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.