Cerrigydrudion, Conwy, Wales

Capel Jerusalem

Cerrigydrudion Church

At one time the church was said to have been possessed by an evil spirit, whose “hideous face” was seen looking out of the windows and leering at passers-by. It was removed by the efforts of prayer and ‘attached’ to two unfortunate oxen, which were driven into the lake – since named Llyn Dau Ychen, which means the Lake of the Two Oxen.

The Ghost That Talked

Sometime during the 19th Century, a Dr Davies of Cerrigydrudion was awoken one winter night by a voice calling his name. The voice originated from outside his home. On looking outside he could see nobody about, so returned to bed. However, the voice persisted in an urgent tone asking for him to travel to Cerrigydrudion Farm, which lay about three miles away.


Unable to see anybody, he nevertheless made his way to the Farm. Upon his arrival he found the farmers wife in labour, with some complications. His arrival, though unexpected was a welcome sight for the worried couple. Was the ghostly voice some sort of guardian angel for the occupiers of Cerrigydrudion Farm?


Visitor Information

Cerrigydrudion, sometimes spelt Cerrig-y-drudion, is a village and community in Conwy, Wales.

The village formerly lay on the A5, but a short by-pass now takes the road along the southwestern edge of the village.

Pictured is Capel Jerusalem, Cerrigydrudion courtesy of Eirian Evans. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.