Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales

The Old Court House

Ruthin Castle Hotel

Ruthin Castle Hotel is said to be haunted by a Grey Lady that roams the battlements. The grey lady is said to be a woman who killed a rival in love with an axe, a deed said to have taken place in or around the 15th century. Other ghosts include a man in armour who only wears one gauntlet and glowing ball of light.


According to the ancient Arthurian legend, King Arthur disguised himself for a romantic liaison with his mistress at Ruthin. Unfortunately his old adversary, Huail, recognized and ridiculed him. However, Arthur ultimately had him executed on a stone block now displayed in the Town Square.



Pictured left is Ruthin Castle courtesy of Llywelyn2000.

Ruthin Castle,

Castle Street,


LL15 2NU.


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For further information, please read Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland by Richard Jones and Britain's Haunted Heritage by J A Brooks.

The Dog of Darkness

A Dog of Darkness was reported roaming near Ruthin in the 1800’s, by a couple on horseback. Apparently the dog was a very tall mastiff.

Well Street

In 1990, reports emerged that a resident and her friend from a flat window overlooking it observed a mysterious figure in Well Street. The figure was described as “limping very badly, dragging its right leg walking up Well Street towards the square”. The apparition was approximately 5ft tall and wearing “a light grey, drab cloak down to the ground and had a big, baggy hood covering its head”. The witness said where the face should have been was just a mass of black. The apparition vanished on the path that approached the Manor House.


Visitor Information

Ruthin (Welsh: Rhuthun) is the county town of Denbighshire, Wales.

The name 'Ruthin' comes from the Welsh words rhudd (red) and din (fort).

Pictured is theOld Court House (now NatWest Bank) on St Peter's Square courtesy of Arwel Parry. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.