Brynford, Flintshire, Wales

Standing Stones at Naid-y-March


At Naid-y-March (Horse's Leap) near the village of Brynford pictured above, are two standing stones that retain an air of mystery. Their origin is unknown. On moonlit nights, it has been said a phantom horseman searches for something at this spot.

Llwynerddyn Hall

Its original owner, in all his costumed splendour - complete with ornate ruff, reputedly haunts this Elizabethan house! He has been observed sitting in a chair at the top of the stairs, or walking through walls. A sudden drop in temperature would announce his appearances beforehand.


Visitor Information

Broughton (Welsh: Brychdyn) is a district in Flintshire, Wales, close to the Wales–England border, located to the west of the City of Chester, England.

Pictured are the standing stones at Naid-y-March courtesy of J Scott. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.