Mold, Flintshire, Wales

Mold Town Centre

The Golden Spectre of Goblin Hill

The figure of a man, described as being of large stature – and “glittering and shining in gold” – was reported before the opening of the grave in which was found the largest piece of prehistoric gold-work in Europe. The “Golden Spectre of Goblin Hill” is a famous ghost story from north Wales.


For further information, please read Haunted Wales: A Guide to Welsh Ghostlore by Richard Holland.

Goblin Well

Goblin Well had “an eerie reputation”, and was generally avoided after the hours of darkness. However, for those brave, foolish or unfortunate enough to find themselves at this location after dark, sometimes found themselves face to face with a hooded lady in white – except that the spirit was actually faceless beneath the hood! Her head was tucked neatly under one arm beneath her cloak.

Glas Fryn

During the 1920’s and 1930’s, Reverend J.J. Morgan witnessed the ghostly re-enactment of a horrific deed as he walked home one night. He reported witnessing a young man plunging a knife through the neck of a female in his company. The female apparition let out “an unearthly scream”, and both forms disappeared before the terrified Reverends eyes.

Bailey Hill

Bailey Hill is a partly natural-partly man-made mound in the centre of the town. Ancient skeletons are said to be occasionally unearthed in gardens that border it. There are also accounts of ghostly figures being seen in the area and around the ramparts.

Victorian House

In the vicinity of Bailey Hill there are some Victorian houses, one of which has been known to experience some strange phenomena. A presence has been felt there, a bed has been shaken by unseen hands, a window would not stay closed on a Friday night (very strange!), rapping on windows, numerous figures glimpsed, objects moved, and most unpleasantly a presence which felt malignant and would hold a person down in bed. However, by far the strangest encounter was the owner being woken up by a young woman “with a pointy face and frizzy ginger hair” who was prodding her in the ribs! So used to strange phenomena, the owner told the ghost to “ **** off” - so it did!

The Haunted Chip Shop

One of the last places one would ever think of being haunted is a chip shop, but the proprietor of one located near Bailey Hill reported that his was. The ghost was of an old man. Other phenomena included bumping noises and other inexplicable sounds.

Thompson's Stores

This store was located in all that remains of Cambrian House, which is a 17th century family house and also a doctors surgery at one point in times gone by. It is supposedly haunted by a servant girl who died of smallpox, or by falling from a window if you listen to another account.

The Boar’s Head Public House

The ghost of an “indistinct, misty figure” reputedly haunts the Boar’s Head Public House, and one witness described it as being like “the fog-like shape of a man”. It appears near the former lounge door (it has now been bricked up). The apparition also drifts through the bar after closing time. It has been noted that the room usually goes cold before it appears.


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Mold (Welsh: Yr Wyddgrug) is a town in Flintshire, Wales, on the River Alyn.

Pictured is a view of Mold Town Centre at Christmas courtesy of Phil Williams. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.