Treuddyn, Flintshire, Wales

The Farmer's Arms

Ffrith Farm

This farm was troubled in the 19th century by a bwgan (Welsh word for an invisible and troublesome ghost) who caused mayhem in the kitchens and dairy. A clergyman eventually tricked him into a barn. Whilst in the barn the spirit showed itself as a shape-shifter, turning itself into various different forms, before the clergyman convinced the spirit to change into a fly. The spirit obliged, at which point the cunning clergyman trapped the fly inside a tobacco box!


Stanscote is a small, wood-framed cottage in Treuddyn, that was built around the end of the Great War. When a couple bought it some years ago, the previous owner left them a “large, Victorian Bible” and instructed them that it was not to leave the house. A shade dressed in WWI period infantryman’s uniform has been seen in a field at the bottom of their garden, and some strange noises have been reported in the house. It is believed that the apparition is the spirit of “Stan”, a young soldier who was killed in the trenches. His parents built the house, but he never saw it. His body was apparently laid to rest in the village churchyard.


Visitor Information

Treuddyn is a small village and community in Flintshire, Wales.

It is located just off the A5104 road, around 4 miles southeast of Mold and 3 miles north-west of Caergwrle.

Pictured is a view of the Farmer's Arms, Treuddyn courtesy of Peter Craine. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.