Caepantywyll, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

The Woman in White

Peter Underwood recounts an interesting case originating in Caerpantywyll in Merthyr. The phenomena occurred in a family home and included “unexplained disturbances” and there were two ghosts sighted. The first apparition was of a “tall and slim woman with a beautiful face” with “long hair, dressed in white and wearing beads” was seen standing at the foot of the witnesses bed. The second woman in white that was reported in the kitchen was described as being “elderly and stern-faced”.


Tapping noises were heard at night, items including money and a watch disappeared, a red slipper that did not belong to any of the occupants mysteriously appeared in the house, and water began streaming from a tap despite the water being turned off at the mains. Couples visiting and staying at the family home also allegedly reported incidents. Eventually, the family left and it appears so did the phenomena. Subsequent owners have not reported any happenings.


Visitor Information

Caepantywyll is believed to be an area in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

Its precise location cannot be determined at this time, although it is referenced in published works.