Llanishen, Monmouthshire, Wales

Llanishen Church

Llanishen Church

A curious account of the ordeal a man underwent comes from inside the church as Llanishen. A man promised that he would watch a woman’s freshly dug grave from inside the church. However, the vicar advised him to have with him a Bible and drew a circle around the chair he would be sitting on during the vigil. At this point, we would like to think that any rational man would be asking what on earth is going on and head for the exit, but the man in this story seemed content to continue!


The man settled down to observe the grave, and the evening passed by without incident. However, at midnight a “demon dog” appeared and dug up the callow corpse! It then proceeded to skin the cadaver and eat the body, leaving the skin beside. The man hooked the skin into the protective circle the vicar had drawn, preventing the foul creature from retrieving it. When dawn broke, the dog vanished. The vicar returned to the church and advised the man to burn the skin, “for evil spirits use those skins to appear to relatives of the dead person, and frighten them”.


Visitor Information

Llanishen (Welsh: Llanisien) is a village in Monmouthshire, Wales.

It is located 7 miles southwest of Monmouth and 3 miles south of Trellech on the B4293 road.

Pictured above left is Llanishen Church courtesy of Clive Perrin. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.