Rogerstone, Newport, Wales

A view of Rogerstone

The Rising Sun

Strange occurrences have been reported at the Rising Sun pub.


In the cellar, barrels have moved themselves during the night... the doors have shut on their own despite being held open by a stool... glasses move by themselves... is the pub home to an unseen presence?


Pictured left is a view of the church, courtesy of Jaggery.

1 Cefn Road,



NP10 9AQ.


For further information, please read The Ghosts of Gwent by Alan Roderick.

The Troublesome Ghost

An unwelcome visitor caused problems for a family from Rogerstone in 1969. The phenomena included moving furniture, rattling crockery, and moving people out of chairs in the family home.




For further information, please read Haunted Gwent by Alan Roderick.


Visitor Information

Rogerstone (Welsh: Tŷ du, meaning "Black house") is a village in the city of Newport, Wales.

It lies at the gateway to the Sirhowy valley, to the north of Newport on the eastern side of the Ebbw River.

Pictured above left is a view of Rogerstone courtesy of Robin Drayton. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.