Roch, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Roch Castle

Roch Castle

Roch Castle (Welsh: Castell y Garn) was built by Norman knight Adam de Rupe in the second half of the 12th century, probably on the site of an earlier wooden structure. The Castle has been restored for operation by the Retreats Group as a vacation home and corporate retreat.


Legend has it that the first Lord of Roch Castle was fortold of his death by a witch. She told him that he would die from an adder bite, but if he could survive for one year he would be safe. Lord Roch remained inside his castle walls from that moment, living in the upper rooms. However, as the period of a year drew to a close, the weather turned bitterly cold. In his bid to keep warm he sent for wood to be collected to keep a fire. When the brushwood was brought back, a hibernating adder was concealed amongst the branches. When the fire was lit, the adder was awoken from its slumber, and bit the unfortunate Lord Roch. The prophesy was fulfilled.


The castle is reputedly haunted by Lucy Walter, who was born in the castle in 1630, and later became a courtesan of Charles II. She bore him an acknowledged son - James, 1st Duke of Monmouth. Her ghost, dressed in white, glides through the castle and its doors.

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For further information, please read Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland by Richard Jones and Britain's Haunted Heritage by J A Brooks.


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Roch (Welsh: Y Garn) is a village in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

It lies 2 miles northeast of Nolton and 5.5 miles northwest of Haverfordwest.

Pictured is Roch Castle courtesy of Robin Lucas. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.