Hopton Castle, Shropshire, England

Hopton Castle

Hopton Castle

Hopton Castle is a ruined castle that is open to the public. According to their website, the settlement was well established by the time of the Norman Conquest, but the date of the ruin that remains is unclear, with archaeologists debating whether it is from the 11th or 12th centuries, or it may have been built one or two centuries later in a deliberately old-fashioned style. The castle is noted due to the events of an English Civil War seige that ended on 14th March. Following the month long seige, most of those in the Castle, having finally surrendered, were killed and thrown in 'a muddy pit'.


The castle is reputedly haunted a replay of the surrender, whereby the group of soldiers emerge from the castle only to realise they have been duped. It is claimed their sheer terror has somehow etched itself into the very fabric of the environment and on 14th March you may be witness to it yourself.

Hopton Castle,

Craven Arms,


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For further information, please read Haunted Britain by Richard Jones.


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Hopton Castle is a small village in Shropshire, England.

It is situated nearby the villages of Bedstone, Bucknell and Clungunford.

Pictured left is Hopton Castle courtesy of Chris Gunns. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.