Caerphilly, Caerphilly, Wales

A view of Caerphilly Castle

Caerphilly Castle

This magnificent castle is reputedly haunted by a number of apparitions, and the Green Lady is one of the most well known. According to 19th century writings, she is said to be a cross between a “banshee and an elf”. There are various accounts as to her appearance, which vary considerably.


The castle is also said to be the haunt of members of the de Clare family, who along with ghostly soldiers have been reported wandering on the ramparts. There was also a room at the castle, built into the wall, and supposedly haunted by an evil entity. The Gwrach y Rhibyn was sighted at the castle during the 18th century, rising from the waters of the moat with “droplets falling from her wings, talons and long hair and sparkling in the moonlight”.

Caerphilly Castle,


Caerphilly County Borough,

CF83 1JD.


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For further information, please read Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland by Richard Jones and Britain's Haunted Heritage by J A Brooks.


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Caerphilly is a town in the county borough of Caerphilly, South Wales, located in the southern Rhymney Valley.

It is a commuter town of Cardiff and Newport, which are located some 7.5 miles and 12 miles away, respectively. It is traditionally within the county of Glamorgan, on the border with Monmouthshire. The town gives its name to Caerphilly cheese, which originated in the area.

Pictured is Caerphilly Castle courtesy of CADW. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.