Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales

The River Taff at Llandaff Weir

The Frog Woman

The road connecting Llandaff to Cardiff City Centre was said to be haunted by a strange ghost - that of the “Frog Woman”. She was described as having the movements of a frog and her voice was a guttural croak. In life, she was said to have been the disfigured daughter of a well-to-do family. However, she was kept from sight at a local farm, having possibly been considered an embarrassment to them. She met an untimely demise when she fell into the River Taff. It is there that her ghost has been seen and heard.

The Cow and Snuffers

The Welsh equivalent of the Banshee - known as the Gwrach y Rhibyn - was reported in November 1877, at the wonderfully named pub, The Cow and Snuffers. A witness near the pub was awoken by the noise of the terrible phantom, and watched it from his window. It was described as “a horrible old woman with long red hair and a face like chalk, and great teeth like tusks” and wearing a long black gown. As she moved towards the public house, she let out a “frightful screeching” noise. The witness watched as she went into the Cow and Snuffers. The following morning he was not surprised to learn that the landlord had passed away during the night.

Cloisters Hall

Near Cloisters Hall and the River Taff where it feeds the weir, the apparition of a distressed young woman in white has been reported. She is said to be wringing her hands in grief following the death of her young son who was drowned there.

Bella's Ghost at the River Taff

Bella was the wife of a landlord in a long-since demolished pub in Llandaff. After some time at the premises, Bella began to despise drinking and gambling, and turned to religion as a way of dealing with the dislikes of the tavern. One night, her unhappiness led to an argument with her husband, after which she ran from the inn, down passed the Cathedral and threw herself into the River Taff where she drowned. Her revenant has been sighted running her last earthy rout, crying despairingly.


Visitor Information

Llandaff (Welsh: Llandaf; from llan "church" and Taf) is a district in the north of Cardiff, capital of Wales, having been incorporated into the city in 1922.

It is the seat of the Church in Wales Bishop of Llandaff, whose diocese covers the most populous area of South Wales.

Pictured is the River Taff at Llandaff Weir and the spire of Llandaff Cathedral in the distance courtesy of Christopher Ware. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.