Henllan Amgoed, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Henllan Amgoed Church

A Dare Too Far at the Church

In the 1700’s, a man in the village by the name of Reynold decided to see if there was any truth in the old legend of sitting in a church porch at night to see if you would see those who were to die within the parish in the forthcoming year. This dare was fuelled by one old demon - alcohol! He settled himself in the porch of a meetinghouse next to the churchyard, which afforded him a good view and waited some time before anything happened.


What eventually did happen left its mark on Reynold in a very literal sense. A thick mist emerged and moved towards the terrified man, which cloaked the night area around him with a darkness and dread he had never before experienced. Reynold managed to find the strength to get to his feet, and with heart throbbing in his chest, ran to the safety of his home. However, the mist had left its indelible mark - a patch of hair, which had been nearest the mist, turned snow white! It stayed that way for the rest of his life.


For further information, please read Haunted Wales: A Guide to Welsh Ghostlore by Richard Holland.


Visitor Information

Henllan Amgoed is a small village near Whitland, Carmarthenshire and forms part of the community of Henllanfallteg.

Henllan Amgoed takes its name from the ancient commote of Amgoed, and is the only village to retain the name of the past division.

Pictured is Henllan Amgoed Church courtesy of Alan Richards. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.