Corwen, Denbighshire, Wales

The Owain Glyndwr Hotel

The Owain Glyndwr Hotel

This historic and atmospheric hotel (as seen pictured above) still retains that old world charm, with oak beamed ceilings and panelled walls. The ghost of a young woman haunts The Owain Glyndwr Hotel. Her haunting is said to be the result of a tragic romance. She fell in love with a monk, but naturally they had to keep their meeting secret.


Unfortunately, her brothers discovered the relationship and he was sent away, leaving her heartbroken. She is said to be waiting for her lover, and her ghost is said to materialise in “The Haunted Room”.

The Phantom Funeral

At the end of the 19th Century, a Corwen man reported being faced with a phantom funeral and recognised some of the faces present. Two weeks later a close friend died, and whilst at the funeral the man saw many of the people from his experience a couple of weeks prior.

Pont y Glyn

Between Cerrigydrudion and Corwen you will find Pont y Glyn - a deep and wooded chasm. The ghosts of robbers and travellers supposedly haunt this area from times past. This spot was known as a favourite for highwaymen and other less than favourable people, and murders occurred here. Other ghostly forms include shadowy figures, and more bizarrely, a shape-shifting spectre that could make it appear in varying forms from a turkey, red fire or a big dog!


In the 19th century, a family man by the name of John Roberts was standing outside his house one night enjoying a quit puff on his pipe as the rest of the family lay asleep in bed. His attention was drawn to a distant light that gradually made its way in the direction of his house. As it drew closer his curiosity turned to fear as he saw that nobody was holding the “light”. He ran into has house, shutting the door behind him. However, the “light” came through the door and floated up to the ceiling where it hovered for a short time before vanishing. The next morning, John Roberts found that his servant had died in the room above where the “light” had vanished. Roberts was said to have encountered a “corpse candle” or what the Welsh describe as one of the “Tolaeth” (an omen of death).


Visitor Information

Corwen is a town in Denbighshire, Wales. Corwen stands on the banks of the River Dee beneath the Berwyn Mountains.

The town is situated 10 miles west of Llangollen and 13 miles south of Ruthin.

Pictured is the Owain Glyndwr Hotel, Corwen courtesy of Phillip Halling. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.