Gwernymynydd, Flintshire, Wales

A view of Gwernymynydd

Ty Gwernen

Ty Gwernen is a family home - although is seems as though they have two invited tenants. The ghosts of an old man with a “horrible face... Very wrinkled, ugly and evil” was seen peering in through one of the windows has been seen, as well as “a very old and white haired” woman with a “thin face”. Unexplained tapings have also been heard.

Ty Gwernen Road

A strange appearance has been reported on the road leading from Gwerymynydd to Ty Gwernen. It was described by a witness as being, “a huge shape, a silhouette about 7 feet tall, completely featureless, just solid black... Staggering about the road from side to side”. The figure then “lurched its way up the road”.


Visitor Information

Flint (Welsh: Y Fflint) is a town in Flintshire, Wales, lying on the estuary of the River Dee. It was formerly Flintshire's county town, and is today the third largest town in the county.

Pictured is Gwernymynydd courtesy of David Medcalf. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.