Halkyn, Flintshire, Wales

St. Mary the Virgin Church

The Phantom Fire-Starter

Accounts from the 1880’s suggested that the area suffered the unwanted attentions of a ghost who wanted to set fire to a farmers stack-yard during early mornings. A full account is detailed in, ‘The History of Halkyn Mountain’ by Bryn Ellis.

The Wandering Ghost

There are a number of narrow roads that wind around the area, and a ghost has been seen wandering them. He is described as “a misty figure, bluish grey in colour, wearing a short coat, walking ahead, head down, carrying a large bag under his arm”. Sightings in 1970 caused interest in the local paper. It is said that during the 19th century, a man employed to carry the miners’ wages was murdered as he made his way up the lane. Is it that man that haunted the stretch of road?


Visitor Information

Halkyn (Welsh: Helygain; Flintshire Welsh: Lygian) is a village in Flintshire, northeast Wales and situated between Pentre Halkyn, Northop and Rhosesmor.

Pictured is St. Mary the Virgin Church courtesy of Galatas. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.