Rhiw, Gwynedd, Wales



According to sources, an evil spirit once haunted this medieval manor house, and it was ultimately defeated in a difficult exorcism. The poor parson was left in a state, with his clothes “in tatters” and “evil-smelling”!


At an unspecified location on the Lleyn in the 1800’s, a dying man and his fiancee saw the apparition of his former lover as he lay in bed. The apparition was dressed in white and carrying a baby. The man cried out to be delivered from the spirits of darkness, and then died.


In the summer of 1882, an account from Mrs Greville Nugent described an encounter she had in the company of a female friend whilst staying at the mansion. In the candlelight they heard “heavy, slow and hesitating” footsteps followed by the sound of “laboured breathing” although nothing was seen when the noise was investigated, and they became understandably frightened when the noises went past them.


Enquiries later revealed that the house was supposedly haunted by the ghost of a former squire who drunk himself to death and was now earthbound in constant search of something to quench his thirst. The apparition of a Victorian girl, the daughter of an old house owner, also repordley haunts this National Trust Property.




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Visitor Information

Rhiw (pronounced a rhoo with slightly guttural h) is a small village in Gwynedd, Wales.

It lies on the southwest tip of the Llŷn Peninsula.

Pictured is Plas-yn-Rhiw courtesy of Philip Halling. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.