Penhow, Newport, Wales

View of Penhow Castle on the mound

Penhow Castle

The figure of a young girl aged in her teens has been seen "scurrying from the Great Hall". She has been described as being of a short build and wearing a blue-grey apron.


Please note: As of July 2003 the castle is sadly no longer open to the public.


Pictured left is a view of the castle taken from the church, courtesy of John Lord.


Visitor Information

Penhow (Welsh: Pen-hŵ) is a small village just inside the eastern edge of the boundary of the city of Newport, South Wales.

The name Penhow is believed to be derived from the Welsh word Pen meaning head or top and How derived from the Old Norse word Haugr meaning hill or mound.

Pictured above left is a view of Penhow Castle on the mound courtesy of John Lord. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.