Devon, England

Torquay Seafront

Visitor Information

Devon is a large county in southwestern England. Sharing its borders with Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset. Its southern coast abuts the English Channel and its northern coast the Bristol Channel. Devon is the fourth largest of the English counties.

Its principal conurbations are the cathedral city of Exeter, the port city of Plymouth and the seaside resort of Torbay. Plymouth is also the largest city in Devon.


Haunted Hotspot

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Two apparitions supposedly haunt the ruins of this enigmatic Castle: the White Lady and the Blue Lady.

The Blue Lady is said to lure people to climb the tower, where it is said they will fall to their death.

The White Lady wanders the castle, in the dungeons, having been imprisoned there by her sister who was jealous of her beauty.

So be aware! Should you decide to explore this wonderous ruin, take heed of the warnings.

The castle is maintained and run by English Heritage, and is open to the public.